Central and Secure Document Storage
User-based Access Control
Role-based Access Control
Access from Anywhere, Anytime
Customizable Business Process Management
Digitize your Forms Easily
Customizable Security Measures and Rules
Role Group and Role Hierarchy
Advanced Version Control
Custom Dashboard
Meta-data and Content-based Searching
Effective Audit Trail
Integrated Email and SMS Alert System
Easy Reminder on per Document-basis
Integrated Archival and Reporting
Printer, Scanner, and Webcam Integration
Third Party System Integration
Redundant Storage and Recovery

Secure File Sharing

iClique uses state-of-the-art technology to ensure all the above features for effective document management and thus, makes collaboration and sharing more efficient.

Automated Reminder

iClique has a unique Reminder feature which will allow you to set custom remainder on per document basis and the system will send you timely notification via email and/or SMS. The reminder can be one time or recurring. This is very helpful in identifying the need for license renewals, service extensions, customer document management, document submission deadline, etc.

Multi-level Multi-department File Authorization

iClique BPM modules allows complex file authorization process with features including multi-role, unlimited levels, branching, severity, delegation, multiple file attachments, email/SMS notification, custom automated level, etc.

Smart File Management

iClique smart file management allows user to maintain up to date versions of all files. Users can create custom file list with start date, and end date for each file; iClique will automatically notify you when a file need to be updated. User can set alert date for notification before the file expiration.


iClique follows state-of-the-art modular architecture that allows the customers to get the modules they need! Each module can work on standalone mode as well as integrated mode as necessary.

  • DMS Module

    Managing your organizational document is not just storing it in a folder in your PC or backing it up in a file server! You need secure sharing of documents. iClique DMS module provides access control, sharing, searching, versioning, archiving, backup, recovery, and advanced security. iClique DMS module can truly help you GO PAPERLESS!

  • E-Form Module

    iClique E-Forms is an electronic forms system through which custom forms can be created on the fly and can be used for electronic data management. E-Form data are completely searchable with integrated reporting and data export option. iClique E-Form module will help you digitize and manage hundreds of forms and GO PAPERLESS!

  • BPM Module

    Every organization maintains several types of business flows for verification, validation, and authorization of documents. Such business flows are not generic, rather unique to the requirement of an organization. iClique BPM module provides you the ability to create, update, and manage your unique business flows instantly with option to automated level, branching, and post-document management.

  • Admin Module

    Easy administration of any system is a must and iClique admin module reduces the headaches of system administrators with easy user interface. An administrator can easily manage employees, users, roles, branches, departments, module access, service access, etc. using the admin module. The administrator can generate various types of reports to analyze system usage and security.

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